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Unreal Tournament Linked

Unreal Tournament Linked
  • Kod produktu: PC-UNTM
  • Waga: 7kg
  • 13 Sztuk w magazynie
  • Producent: GT Interactive

110.69 zł

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From the creators of the best-selling Unreal, comes Unreal Tournament. A new kind of single player experience. A ruthless multiplayer revolution.

This stand-alone game showcases completely new team-based gameplay, groundbreaking multi-faceted single player action or dynamic multi-player mayhem. It's a fight to the finish for the title of Unreal Grand Master in the gladiatorial arena. A single player experience like no other! Guide your team of 'bots' (virtual teamates) against the hardest criminals in the galaxy for the ultimate title - the Unreal Grand Master.

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